Body Balance Consultant

Ideal Method Of


Hands & Shoulder Are Free From Tension Folded At 90 Degree, Both Leg Folded At 45 Degree.

Hands Must Not Folded Above navel

Body Balanc-e

Body Balance Consultant

No Medici-ne

Ideal method of Sleeping- Hands & Shoulder Are Free From Tension Folded At 90 Degree, Both Leg Folded At 45 Degree. During sleep, your body works to restore and repair itself Your sleep position can either help or hinder that process, depending on how effectively it supports the natural curvature of your spine. It’s also common for people to wake up with brand new aches and pains in the morning, sometimes due to sleep position.

Hands must not folded above navel

Inspection consists of visual examination of the abdomen with note made of the shape of the abdomen, skin abnormalities, abdominal masses, and the movement of the abdominal wall with respiration. Abnormalities detected on inspection provide clues to intra-abdominal pathology; these are further investigated with auscultation and palpation.

Auscultation of the abdomen is performed for detection of altered bowel sounds, rubs, or vascular bruits. Normal peristalsis creates bowel sounds that may be altered or absent by disease. Irritation of serosal surfaces may produce a sound (rub) as an organ moves against the serosal surface. Atherosclerosis may alter arterial blood flow so that a bruit is produced.

Without Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is truly so much more than medicine. This 5,000-year-old practice began in India and has since spread across the world, shaping and improving many lives.

The core of ayurveda is focused on prevention. It’s based on the concept that general health and wellness rely on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit. If you’ve been searching for a holistic and balanced approach to your overall health, you’re in the right place. 

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